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It was an afternoon full of reminisces and recollection, of memories and remembrances. It was a period of flashbacks and throwbacks, and in NBA lingo, of paybacks and givebacks.  It was a jovial period for recalling past juvenile antics and forbidden adventures. It was a grand time to see once again, up close if you may, the very kids who once trod the corridors to influence each other and made pretenses as if the glow of tomorrow is within reach.


It was January 22, 2016. It was the 50th year from the time these former children graduated from Elementary. That was during the excitingly drab and sleepy 60s.


And why not. In the mid 60s, life was very simple; complications on political and social front had not created a dent yet on the fledging neighborhood. Leaders and followers were still naïve. Children during that time were always on fun-time mode enjoying the basic tools provided by their school and mentors and it was a blending of inspiration and creativity. From the ranks of this generation however would rise such names as Billy Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, all giants in social media and digital revolution. And on arts, John Lennon, Paulo Coehlo, Mitch Albom and in science, the laboratories that would solve the mystery of HIV and cancer and propel the move to prolong life several folds up to its physical limits.


Their initiation contributed to technology and broad knowledge; and made the world a simple oyster devoid of cryptic ideas for their successors. These senior citizens, once blameless children of yore, have catapulted influence over prayers, kindness over excesses. Their years were spent for the next generation to fulfill a simple destiny, reachable and unpretentious.


Members of the QES Batch 66 never shook the earth although they virtually belong to a generation of game changers. None of them made headlines. Individually, they have undertaken different paths. Some of them challenged the gods of luck in another country to share their skills and talents. A few remained to bear witness to development. Others simply lived the good life in the backyards of their chosen neighborhood.


On the whole, they comprised an assemblage of persons with sense of fulfillment and focused on accomplishment. Grand or trifling it may be, it affected the universe just the same.


Prominent members of the class have spent decades abroad while others merely subdued the challenges head on in their own backyard locally. After a span of an interlude, they finally found time to come together, this after 5 decades of separation. In determining those present are snippets of facts.


Some went ahead to meet their Creator, a number are undecided where to spend their remaining years on twilight zone, a handful are still in sync with success, the rest are just around relishing some moments of fondness with their children and grandchildren.


Time stood still for this batch, affectionately dubbed as QES 66. They still believe there is still another year to reckon with and more to come. For them, this could be a period to renew friendship long gone and almost forgotten.


Well, they expected most of their peers to be around. They knew there is still time for a future reconnect. They have stories, even wild speculation. They adhere that those who were absent were not “missing-in-action” type. They probably missed the boat so to speak.


But for those who came, they had relished that opportunity to embrace the past at present and their future is subsequently secured in the memory of each other.

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