There are four major promises made by PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES but thus far, they mainly deliver a message of status quo.  BINAY promised to use Makati as his template once elected.  DUTERTE promised to solve criminality after a semester in his tenure.  POE promised to fight a good fight.  ROXAS promised to continue Daang Matuwid.  What else is new?

We already heard those promises before and the country, much more so, the electorate, some have aged and others have gone, remained the same fledging, desperately crawling and still struggling constituency.  Campaign promises merely sent victors unto the perch of high position but once there, almost everything has been forgotten.

We deserve a Chief Executive who can make this country a lovely place to live in.  This he can do if he could just fulfill a single accomplishment amidst a plethora of bureaucratic considerations.

When PNoy was elected as President, there were high expectations.  Here was a guy who might fit the bill.  He spoke in the vernacular and damn honest.  Earlier on,I sent a letter suggesting that he devote his time and power to improve all airports in the country.  Concentrate on it so that once his term is through, there is one legacy his administration could crow about.  I do not know what happened to my letter but years later, the airport, well most airports and especially the airport named after his parent, went from bad to worse.

Election for the Presidency is again around the corner and here I am, instead of writing a letter and being ignored later, I intend to make it public by way of offering another suggestion.  Hoping that it is not late and maybe in the process lifted by any candidate for the Presidency.

I suggest that a LIAISON UNIT under the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT be organized in every City, Municipality or Province where the people could refer anything.  It is one agency where people would just present their concerns and said office will tackle and work on its completion up to the end.  It may partake of something like looking for a job, scholarship; submitting a complaint; seeking licenses, permits or clearances; paying taxes; transferring properties; anything under the sun where the government requires something from a person.

As it were, people are moving in several directions, some falling prey, duped or victimized by fixers of different hues and persuasions and in the end failing to get anything if not mulcted in the process.  Government should not be the Big Brorher watching every movement and penalizing those who err but should be right there to help, assist and protect his sibling from the time he sought his service.

That is where the Unit under the Office of the President counts.  It should be a permanent fixture in every Municipal, Provincial, Regional or National Office.  It is the principal office where all persons who needed government must come for assistance.  Said office, whatever concerns the citizen may want should immediately facilitate.  It is a “one-stop-shop” for everything where government is needed.  No way for the person to go from one office to another, from one part of the town to another, from one officer to another, from one procedure to another.  It is one office that will take care of a person’s needs.  No more referral, follow ups and follow throughs.  The office will take care of everything and the person will just wait for results.

If it cannot be done then to hell with government and to whoever is there.  If government cannot facilitate and help people, in the same way Raffy Tulfo is doing in his “Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo” program, in the same vein some media outfits with their public service platform are conducting, then it will forever be cursed with corruption, incompetence and threat for rebellion.

But whoever among the presidential candidates will pursue this program once elected will become not only the best leader the country ever have but will also leave a legacy of Love among his countrymen.


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