old worker

If you are gainfully employed and receiving not only a regular pay but given the necessary acceptance, camaraderie and  shared enjoyment by peers not to mention the respect of a friendly organization, early retirement is never an option at all.  If at all it comes as a compulsory period, it is accepted with sadness and replete with melancholy.

Who wanted to leave a situation where one derives every comfortable memories and favorable emotions in the first place?  That explains why a great number of retirees fell ill and inconsolable after receiving their last pay.  That explains why a lot of those who have reached the compulsory period for retirement would rather get into the groove of working once again.  Without work, they feel incomplete.

For athletes, it is understandable since their retirement age is somewhere between 35 to 40.  Still young.  Same is true in some private firms where 45 is the compulsory age.  For the uniformed personnel like the police and military, it is 56.  Civilian workers in government end their career at 65.  For the Church hierarchy, except for the Pope, it is 70; the same age as those in the Judiciary.

There are those who prefer politics.  Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada is already 78 years old and still up front for reelection.  His political opponent, former Mayor Alfredo Lim is 84.  Vice President Jejomar Binay who is running for the Presidential post is 70,  his competitor Davao Mayor Duterte is of the same age.  Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is still swinging at the Senate at the age of 92.  A lot more.

I don’t know if their dictum is war-like as in dying with their boots on but it seems that a number of politicians are on trek notwithstanding their advanced age.  What gives actually?  The answer is as varied as their intentions.

Is it power that pushes them towards the exposure?  Is it the perks?  Is it the fortune?  Is it genuine public service?  Is it the popularity?

There are those who have amassed so much, power and wealth, to the point that their succeeding generation would never know helplessness or poverty but they would rather pursue their political ambition as if misery will visit them the next day!  That is what politics probably for some is all about.

In other countries, one can find former government officials driving a cab as a second wind.  For them, doing something as if they have not retired would restore their vitality to the hilt.  It is the idea of being busy that makes them healthy notwithstanding the stress and indignities of working on another plane.  More so, it is in earning something that makes them fulfilled and productive to a certain extent.  In this material world, there is always the struggle to get something for one’s needs and requirements that promotes human activity.

Those enterprising would enter commerce for the first time like what Col. Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken did.  Or probably organize a tutorial class just like what 85 year old Socrates conducted.  There are those who simply enjoyed playing around with their grandchildren or spending the whole day reading and writing while waiting for the next pension cheque.  For those who have saved so much, it is in traveling and philanthropy that they focus their attention on that matter.

For them, there is no such thing as fading away.  It is more on moving on.

On the whole, it is rather on fulfilling an active work load no matter how shallow or complicated it may seem that makes life exciting whether it is about to wind up or still on the verge of discovering a worthy chapter.

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