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To publish a book means to spend almost a fortune.  Publishing houses require so much from the author that to write something, that is to work on a book, is like draining one’s blood after a bloody surgery.

Out of the several manuscripts I have accumulated after years of writing, I only have a couple of works which passed through the printing process.  And I tell you, I almost skipped lunch for years just to save and appropriate a budget for publication alone.  No publisher worth his salt would ever gamble on a piece of shit unless it would easily give him a pornographic financial figure to ogle on.

Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book was for years considered a literary shit and was only recognized several decades since it was written.  Same is true of great writers before  and their respective obra maestras are concerned.  But now no more.  Well, at least for those who know.

In my case alone, I was introduced (convinced by a friend and tutored by my daughter Atern) on the vagaries of publishing in the net.  I thought that I must have to study the nuances of the digital world to attain literary in internet.  I thought that having an email and facebook account are in effect the sign of digital literacy, but no.  I was convinced to study how to publish on the net.  And it was damn easy.

And rightly so.  It was free, no charge and hassle free to register and upload one’s work as what I did.  There are a number of firms that would encourage writers to show their mettle and their products.  There is the iWriter, MangoBooks, Online publishing, so on and so forth, plenty to choose from.  Well, if only because it is the pioneer in its class, I chose It has its own online circulation system through kindle.

And to publish online in Amazon is as simple as buying bread in your neighborhood bakery!  My daughter sent me this:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Self-publish your book to Amazon’s Kindle Store

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for authors and publishers to keep control and publish their books worldwide on the Kindle and Kindle reading apps.


And from there, I started to click registration.  After I have given my name and password, there I was, uploading my files, the same files I am submitting to the printing office.  But this time, instead of the printer telling me the costs and how it will bill me, Amazon on the other hand is telling me the worth of royalties I will receive once my book sells online.

I have published 9 books already and seeing it on the shelf of amazon (type Venancio Tesoro on the search engine of Amazon and in a flick, it would lay down the books I authored), on the corridor of digital book store of the world, is like receiving a medal from the universe already.  I felt like I belong to the Force already (remember Star Wars?).  The feeling that one has contributed to humanity his piece of mind, a fraction of idyllic significance based on his existence, that for once he existed, is enough accolade already that no amount of wealth could equal.  If only because of that, I felt accomplished and affluent.

The thought that someday my works will be read, browsed and perhaps appreciated is already an exciting proposition.  The thought that in all the works I have published, the names, shadows and narration of those I love—my family and friends, of those I respected most; and of those I sacredly reckon, they are all there and I have immortalized them.

Before, it was a costly affair to perpetuate an idea.  Now in the digital world, everything is made simple and free, and instantly available to be shared for the benefit of mankind.

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