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Selecting the proper attire takes time to start with.  And those with busy minds would rather exclude such mundane or trivial selection of what fits them best.  It could even be the main reason, aside from distinction, why schools prefer its students in uniform rather than in casuals or any other type of clothing.

For a special class of people, those we oftentimes refer to as geniuses, their manner of dressing is not as complicated as how their minds work. Its simpler compared to the common run of men in the first place.   As a matter of fact, they only have one design of clothing they usually wear.

Karl Marx is oftentimes depicted with his overcoat, the only winter clothing he would wear all throughout his writing career because he seldom goes out of his room anyway.  Steve Jobs’ black turtle-neck sweater over a faded denim pants has been his “uniform” all throughout since his Apple pioneering days up until his dying days.   It was influenced by his over indulgence over the hype of Beatlemania that he decided to wear the same set over and over until he made it as his signature uniform in all his exposures whether formal or otherwise. Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook fame, is stereotyped in his hooded gray shirt and demin pants too.

Albert Einstein went further by allowing his graying hair to grow full and freezy aside from his regular faculty uniform which would be his outfit whether at home or in school.  Mohandas Ghandi had the spookiest with only his loin cloth and shawl on his body up until his assassination.

When Mao Zedong, the Great Helmsman of China departed, the State handed over to his heirs no properties or anything of value at all except for a small cabinet where his gray flannel uniform was scrupulously folded.  It was this dress that the Great Mao was known to have donned all throughout the period of his Chairmanship which dated back since 1945 up until his death in 1976.

They are but a few outstanding geniuses who pursued greatness with their strengths and in their “uniform.”

And there are also geniuses, those whose names were below the bar of popularity but are exceptional just the same with fixation or rather with no fixation at all when it comes to habiliments.  I was reminded of our neighbor in my community orientation in Quezon City where Chess great, International Grandmaster Ruben Rodrigues during his prime.  He would prod me to accompany him in school (UE) where he competed in a simultaneous chess game with 50 chess aficionados.  And the game came with a prize for the loser.  And every time Ruben fights, I was the one in charge of collecting a big sum as winner’s pot.  Those were days also that I would remind Ruben belatedly though that he was wearing a different pair of shoes.  Once, I reminded him to wear socks, well, he did, but I discovered it lately that he wore the shoe first then the socks!  Geniuses had no sense of reality sometimes.

It has been said that Joma Sison, erstwhile rebel leader and icon of progressive activists may be acquainted in some respects to the allegorical forgetful professor.  While he can project social developments which could stretch through centuries, he could not re-assemble a stripped Armalite even if is dismounted in front of him.  He was likewise no sartorial guru as far as his projections were concerned.

There are a number of geniuses scattered around and spread out evenly on all fields of endeavor and one can only appreciate their presence either as nerds, geeks, non-conformists, belligerent, saintly, whathaveyou and most of the time, they can easily be spotted because they usually dress the same boring kind of material or style or design all over again in a span which one’s awareness can grasp.



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