Listen to this.

“Last week, tripping that lasted less than a minute knocked out power at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s Terminal 3. With all 10 standby generators failing to work, the blackout lasted five hours, forcing the cancelation of 78 domestic flights.

The other day the power grid in Luzon including Metro Manila was placed on red alert for two hours, denoting an extreme supply deficiency. Visayas was placed on similar alert amid the drought induced by El Niño – one of the worst to hit the country.

In Mindanao, where residents have been suffering from blackouts lasting up to eight hours daily, the red alert remained in place yesterday. The power situation in Mindanao has been aggravated by the slow repairs on power transmission towers that were bombed in recent months. Failure to settle right-of-way issues has prevented the speedy repair of the towers.” (PhilStar Editorial, April 17, 2016)

By now, you must have to take a maintenance pill to arrest high blood pressure.  It is revolting to note that government simply looks at other directions than attending to the basic requirement of electric supply for its citizens.

Now, how about this.

“Who hasn’t seen children literally living in the streets in these parts, their innocence quickly banished by the sordid realities of knife-edge existence? According to ChildHope Philippines, as many as 30,000 make the streets of Metro Manila their home. Daily brutalized, they are shaped by their circumstances into society’s outsiders and, more often than not, become outlaws beyond redemption.” (Inquirer Editorial, April 17, 2016).

One’s blood pressure may already reach a peak once he hears such a situation.  If not, then take note of the following;

 “THE TRAVESTY goes on in Kidapawan City with the continuing detention of 79 farmers—some of them pregnant women, minors, and elderly—who have been charged by policemen with “direct assault” following the violent dispersal last April 1 of the rally-barricade they and other farmers had mounted at the Cotabato-Davao Highway to press the government for food.

How ludicrous does that sound? Here are elderly farmers stooped by years of backbreaking toil, impoverished all their lives and now famished by the ravages of El Niño, hauled to jail and haled to court for supposedly assaulting armed cops. Detainee Valentina Berlin, 78, a frail widow tending a small patch of land in Arakan, North Cotabato, had gone to the rally in the hope of receiving rice assistance from the local government. One look at her and one would conclude that the cops who brought the charges and the prosecutors who deemed such charges valid for a hearing are inexplicably cruel, or plain mad.”  (Inquirer Editorial, April 16, 2016)



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