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The Du30 administration has not taken full flight yet but there are telltale signs that change is beginning to take shape.  Long forgotten and oftentimes ignored ordinances on curfew suddenly resurrected in the midst of crowded slum areas.  Marching orders against drug peddling and abuse became an overnight concern of law enforcement.  The fear of local authorities being hailed to court for human rights abuses by suspects instantly faded away.  While it can be described as a local concern, the law enforcement effort immediately got nationwide application.

This could be a year of exciting provocation.  Everyone is provoked to do his part in the changing fortunes of times.  You wanted change then let there be!    You do not want corruption in government?  Then do away with bribery.

But wait a minute.  The bureaucracy has prescribed too many requirements and has given its officials too much prerogative that if one intends to make easy any transaction, costly and cumbersome as it were, poor client must shell out something to facilitate his needs or he spends a fortune and almost a lifetime making follow ups.  That is bribery short and simple.  The solution is to make requirements basic and easy to submit.  If not, then better obliterate the office.  President Duterte at one instance intimated such a point when he, out of frustration, declared that he intends to abolish BIR and LTO!

Looks like there will be more agencies to be exterminated due to irregularities in their functions.

The Du30 administration is already on the right track.  His choice of DENR Secretary is an inspired one.  Tapping the services of people from the Left is also a brilliant move.  Disregarding the vexatious media is something for the books.  Ignoring the Church is political strength at its best.  Replacing the whole caboodle of political appointees, tainted with ineptitude and clumsiness, is very respectful.  Highly influential captains of industry have been given their proper seats away from the presidential ear.

There are a lot of groundworks to conduct.  There must be legislation to pursue policies aimed at concretizing the changes to be made.    While there are laws as yet to be implemented properly, there are more to be fashioned out if only to deliver the correct political posture.  The move towards Federalism as form of government is one.  The re-imposition of death penalty another.  The provision of foreign ownership to spark economic investment like Singapore, Malaysia and other developed countries is considered.  Increase in the salary of uniformed agencies to project professional and efficient public service. The unconditional release of political prisoners and serious reckoning of peace talks with the rebellious sector beckons hope for lasting peace.

While these concerns lay at the core of Du30’s political trepidation, there also lay his pet peeve.  He wanted criminality down in 3 to 6 months.  It was a campaign promise which he translated into a battle cry.

He wanted all criminal gangs wiped out and it goes without saying to level down even the National Penitentiary down to its foundations.

There were doubters and skeptics in and out of government.  Senator Ping Lacson, formerly PNP Chief, one who has a storied record as law enforcer, could not imagine how it would translate into reality.  Yet there are sectors who subscribe to the belief that it can be done.

The way curfew and arrest of violators are made regularly, including the seizure of homeless and street urchins in urban areas, they who are most likely the precursor of pedestrian crimes, in time would result in a crime free corridor for all.  It may be that artless but it is the start, the first stage to launch a greater one.  Passing Crime 101 leads to its requisite Crime 102.  Determining the origin and solving petty felonies makes government confident in dealing and eradicating major crimes.

Du30 administration could easily claim success on their campaign promise on peace and order in record time.

There are more challenges up ahead, some complicated others trivial.  There are complex legal and political policies but these could immediately be addressed by a veteran legal mind of the President himself.  The simplicity of the quest devoid of complicated jargon, easily grasped and understood by common man, made the entire pursuit worth collaborating.  Filipinos may have the penchant for snubbing their leaders in the past because they are inured at being used only for political ends but given the frank and genuine approach of this administration, it is no longer farfetched for Filipinos to collectively participate in the observance of discipline on a nationwide basis.

Filipinos abroad are not only capable of acculturation but are assiduous in their adherence to follow the rules strictly.

Finally, it took a Du30 to unlock the secret of pushing the Filipino to the heights of developing his country.

Well, the rest of the promises seem simple and could certainly be met at this point.  A good start if you may!


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