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An editorial said this:

“MONDAY BROUGHT news of yet another apparent vigilante killing, this time with a twist. The extrajudicial murders that exploded with President Duterte taking office and the kicking into high gear of his avowed brutal war on crime and drugs has, until now, seen most victims dumped in outlying areas, usually bound, wrapped in packing tape and with a crude cardboard sign identifying the person as a “pusher” or “addict.”

But listen to this.

If there is a correlation between lowlife, narcotics, crime and extrajudicial killings, then what has been piled up as product of vigilante or police response to communal threat may have drastically reduced criminality in the streets.  Finally, it can be gainsaid that government won for the pedestrian the peace of mind in traversing its pathways.

Before, the street is a snatcher’s expressway, the bullies’ paradise, the scammers’ hunting ground.  It is a favorite campus where hawkers, vendors and street urchin including homeless people would gather and converge.  It is the pedestrian, the student and daily commuters mostly who are prey in this environ and government, including the police, could not make things right except record the violence and crime committed in these areas.  The street belonged to criminals or those who are passionate in committing crimes.

Well, not anymore.  To start with, at least from the beginning of Du30 administration the street is safer.  True, it was a violent process.  Curfew was imposed.  Arrest of drug suspects was the order of the day.  Those who resist viciously were met with equal brutality.  Vigilantes from the netherworld came in also in the picture and death was everywhere.  Hell broke loose and suddenly, one can see order in the streets, there is semblance of cleanliness and harmony.

I am reminded of the great Chairman Deng Xiao Ping of Red China who once said, when questioned about his unorthodox method, “I don’t care whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice!”    From thereon China never looked back and it became one of the superpowers of the world.

It seemed like the old conservative laws like human rights and anti-torture never protected the common man before.  It seemed that said provisions merely served as sanctuary of the abusive, foul and obnoxious kind in the community.  Even law enforcers were adamant to flex their muscles for fear that they might violate the laws.  Some of them would rather sigh “if you cannot lick ‘em, join ‘em.”  Thus, the world became the playground of criminal syndicates.

It took courage, okay braggadocio if you may, to challenge the established foul order.  A line has been drawn, the new government was pleading the offensive sector to surrender, seeking a middle ground but it was met with skepticism.  And why not?  Previous administrations fell short and merely gave motherhood statements without addressing the whole problem.  Meanwhile, the common man remained at the bottom of the food chain.  In the estimation of the people, political will was never meant for action.

Then the unexpected happen.  Thousands of people linked with drug use and peddling came in droves to surrender.  Thousands are still trooping in barangays all over the country in submission and with resolve to kick out the habit and dispose of the illegal practice.  People from a cross section not only sought advice and government intervention but also pledge to get straight.

There are more revelations.  Not only are lowly police patrolmen kowtowing with crime syndicates, there are proofs that their superiors are directly linked to the illegal drug trade itself!  Not only common tricycle drivers inured in drug addiction but their political leaders as well!  It seemed like the whole national fiber has been tainted with illegal drug transactions.  An unfortunate social profile which may lead us to conclude that indeed what we have is a narco state in living color.

Good grief, there are political changes and real changes happening.  And it came at a time during my twilight years.  It’s sad that my parents never enjoyed the sight of their perpetrators pushing each other to reach Hell but it’s a consolation since my children and their children would benefit from the changes being undertaken in their favor.

If there indeed is a war against crime which has been honestly launched at this time, then I could already see the triumph of good versus evil.  Filipinos, a majority of them, have joined the struggle and they know, like their counterparts abroad,  they can sustain the discipline needed for the country to achieve a higher and consistent level of development.

No, I am not trying to be a bootlicker, a sycophant or trying to get attention.  I have retired and no longer wish to be counted.  I am just excited in this time where real alterations on the national psyche are taking place.  Here in Davao there is virtual peace and order which may be replicated anywhere requiring control.

In Metro Davao, criminals fear the people.  In Metro Manila, it is the people who are fearful of criminals.  But I believe that one day sooner, there will be no more crimes lurking around.  I believe that one day, prosperity will come and that being poor will just be a matter of choice not as a destiny.

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