duterte gambit

Like a game of Chess, PhP Du30’s  latest move—-on declaring vacant all appointive positions in government—is considered a brilliancy.  It has never been made before neither has it been explored nor contemplated.  Everybody knows that appointive positions are largesse for the politicians.  It is there as political reward during the campaign or for whatever loyal projections it may repay.  For those in government or those wishing government to be the paragon of ideal public service, they merely have to grin and bear it.  Political appointees are the bane, the curse so to speak in government service.

Du30 gambit checkmates government corruption in just one move!

Political appointments are reward positions whether it is admitted or not.  That is the reason why when a political appointee assumes his post, his instinct naturally would guide him towards that which made his designation possible—the reward part.  And the rewarding part of his position, the unspoken language between appointee and his benefactor—-sounds, smells and looks like corruption in a perfumery.  The appointee gets the commission on every transaction there is.  He even can formulate measures to make mandatory any procedure that would also make something for him.  After his term, it is presumed  that he has already recoup whatever expenses, sacrifices or dole outs he may have expended during the campaign period.  Corruption, his only means and the only political favor allowed, would have bled government coffers and his constituencies towards hardship.  Whatever, there is exchange of favor given,  it is even steven from the vantage point of fairness.  Meanwhile, government service is rendered in filth, awashed with abuses and irregularities until another batch of political appointees take over the reins and the cycle goes unspoiled.

Only an exceptional few political appointees can be said to have responded well to their calling.

PhP Du30’s brilliant move is unparalleled and may have instantly earned him the proverbial label as a great administrator, the best government leader there is or even as a national hero!  Before his ascension to national consciousness,   public service is projected in a mentality “tapos na kayo, kami naman” or “kumita na kayo, kami naman”  and these are all predicated on corrupt if not inefficient, lackadaisical performance.  The public, the clientele is at the far end always, their interest merely uttered during campaign period but after the election, the same seal of frustrations are recycled until the next election is scheduled once again.

PhP Du30 is correct.  Even in the absence of political appointees, government service will still function.  And this might surprise the skeptics even more because government service may even function better if not exceptional without the appointees.  Why not?  Those who would take over are career officers who grew up in the institution, knew the vagaries and problems for years, and they have the commitment and devotion to resolve problem areas without even thinking of a reward.  Suffice it to say that their smooth retirement in the service is the only rewarding option they can be proud of to receive.

I doff my hat to a great leader!  Kudos!  Your move made all your predecessors as amateurs.

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