Where your family is, there is your home.  It is not a place, it is not some kind of a dwelling, like a house or a residential manor, neither is it a room or abode where habitation is presumed.  It is where your parents, your siblings, your loved ones are.  When the whole family travels, home is there wherever they may be.  No one is lost if the person is with his family or loved ones.

The family begins with the parents and children.  Once the children grow up, they eventually find their own family.  A home evolves into homes.

Depending on orientation, a person may find his country as home, or his school, or his neighborhood.  Hence, there are expatriates who long to migrate back to their own respective country because for them its home.  The same is true with scholars who would rather retreat to the confines of library and school campus because reality is too harsh for their scholastic background.  To the scientist, the earth is home.  To the religious, the Church or Temple or convent, wherever faith is expressed.  To the musician, it’s the studio; to a physician, the hospital; to a sportsman, the gym.  So on and so forth.

But for the ordinary run of men, home is where his family is.  It could be a mansion or a hut; a vacation house or a shanty;  a manor or a cave.  If it is a bird, it’s the nest or aviary; hutch for the rabbits, sty for the pigs, aquarium for the fishes, pen for the cow, den for the lion.

For those who have survived and lived through up to their twilight years, there is home for the aged, or a room in their children’s houses, an ancestral dwelling perhaps, a remote outback farm or tragically, the streets.  It is the end of the road.  Not even wisdom can shield an elderly away from the reality of bereavement.

It is dust unto dust.  Even memories would later be blurred.  History keeps on changing and while life goes on indeterminately, consciousness flickers and is replaced one thought at a time.  Time goes on until Judgment Day.

Well, at this point, may I seek your indulgence as I pause to share a familiar song, HOME ON THE RANGE.    (  https://youtu.be/ShlkZKx2hDc )




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