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I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, checking (commenting  and responding to) Facebook accounts and entries, reading the latest news, downloading Youtube’s  interesting highlights, watching NBA basketball,  downloading retro music and then later, when weather permits, going to the open field, on my lawn for some stretching as in playing half-court basketball  and then brisk walking as a form of relaxation.

Once I am through checking on the status of my loved ones in the first hour of the morning, everything is  almost done.  A dreary day is transformed into a stimulating period.

Actually, my day is largely defined by if not thoroughly dependent on technology.  I owe my sanity to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Google’s  Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin.  Their technical discoveries gave me a new found confidence towards scholarship.  Without them I would still be an idiot today.

When I indulge myself to make an opinion, I simply click for Microsoft Word and write down a blog and send it to cyberspace.    At times, my blog would be lifted and forwarded for publication as a column in a newspaper.  Most of the time however, it becomes a reference when googled.  Those daily blogs eventually evolve into a component in a book.  I have published two books containing my essays.  Once I have made my point, I simply fade and swoop down on my library for something to read.

I must read so that I can write.  That has always been the case for my literary inclination.   If I cannot read for a long time, then for a longer period I cannot write.  And once, I cannot write anything, my mood simply goes haywire.  I become restless and would act like that specie that newly evolved from the primates.

Reading makes me human. Well, reading a badly written script makes me inhuman also.   It comes with a challenge though.  I have an eyesight problem.  Simply getting old disturbs a person’s capacity to read.  I can no longer sustain a long period of reading.  The eyes always are strained after a few pages.  Before, I could read even in shaded areas and a book is for a couple days consumption.  Now, I have to spend a full month to complete a book!  That means, I have to take stock a lot of patience before I could write.  And another consequence of reading is my predilection of reading through and through.  I simply could not resist reading another manuscript after another!

To rest my eyes, I move to another corner in my study where my sketch table is leaning.  There I could sketch, make caricatures out of anyone I would fancy—a classmate, a peer, an important character.  Illustration using caricatures is one hobby I am really awed and fascinated to focus.  I simply have the interest, almost a passion whenever I draw.

To rest my eyes further, I have to get my sculpture tools, my terra cota supply, my circular table and attempt at working on a portrait.  I have done a lot of portrait sculptures before and it is one hobby which I wish I had the tenacity of concentration.  I have tried not only to sculpt portrait bust of important personalities but  exotic  animals as well.  You can just imagine the trash and excess materials that are scattered everywhere.  My art workshop is trash bin galore but lo and behold, everything that is created there is an art piece worthy of praising.

Once rested, I move over back to my study table and on my lap  to coddle the portable electric organ for some piano lessons.  That is right, music makes a boring routine quite melodious and upbeat.  I check the internet for some tutorials on a musical score.  If I could get a little mastery on handling of the keys and I could follow the tune properly then I am fully rested.

Back to reading once again, then to writing, then to arts and later to music.  That is how my day is done, one of those ordinary days when I am not travelling, when I am not invited in a forum, when I am not obliged by friends for a cup of coffee in some establishments.

Unlike before when I have to wrestle with time, beat the clock so to speak, break my back, confront intrigues, kowtow with all living things and reckon nature.  Now, it is a different ball game and everything revolves around me.  Suddenly, I am at the center of my solar system.  I am the Sun, whilst before I was merely an asteroid.

The assets I have accumulated from years of wise savings/investing and living a vice-less recreation made me comfortable and self sufficient.  As a matter of fact, my pension alone is enough to carry me through up to the next Ice Age!

And precisely because I left so many interesting activities in the past—- playing basketball, indefinite period for arts, music and literature, now I am having some kind of revenge to fulfill.  I must have to read all the classics I skipped before, write tomes of thoughts and ideas, publish it if necessary, create pieces of artworks, conduct and compose music and eventually face the stars with a glowing smile.

I have started to move and initiate a step closer to the daunting years of old age.  I am virtually marching excitedly towards it.

Indeed, so many enjoyable things to do, so little a time!

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