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I remember during my childhood days when we try to outsmart our peers with nasty jokes.   And what tops them all is about shit.  Shit is a word considered vulgar and profane in Modern English. As a noun it refers to fecal matter, and as a verb it means to defecate.

The joke goes like this:  a kid asks another if he has seen the shit or dung of goats, the shit of dogs, that of a cats, that of a lizards, that of a carabaos, that of a cows,  Chances are, the other kid would reply in the affirmative.  Then the questioner would ask his prey if he knows the distance of the moon to the earth, if he knows Mabini’s ten Decalogue’s, or if he is familiar with Apostle’s Creed.  Chances are the other kid would frown and surrender, to which the tormenting kid would poke to the other kid that the fellow only knows shit and nothing more!

But if we are to be truthful about it, shit happens and it is even very valuable.  Vegetables are fertilized best with shit.  Crabs, native swine, native fowls are tasty when cooked because they subsist mainly on shit.  Fruit trees bear produce when its soil is enhanced with shit.  All nutrients are encapsulated in shit and everything that man consumes, everything that makes man healthy comes from matters which are sustained by shit!

That must be what nature preferred.  It cannot be short circuited.  If man eats shit directly then he is finished.  He will not grow better leaves like tubers nor be as nimble as crustaceans.  He gets salmonella and eventually weakens with dysentery.  Shit must undergo a certain degree of initiation from other living things before it is to be introduced into the anatomy of man.

In Taiwan, I was surprised to see friends who posted on social media pictures of them eating heartily in an uncanny restaurant featuring everything about toilet, from its chair to the food it offers.  The bestseller accordingly is a brown colored ice cream twisted as if newly pooped.  It is a culinary tactic that features shit as the main course.  Customers must be at the site as soon as the establishment opens in the morning for a good seat.  By noon, the eatery is always full!

jimmy uy

Truly shit matters.

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