vjt at naranjita

In the early 1950s, government distributed house and lots to qualified State workers and it ushered in a new community not only for budding professionals struggling in a post war situation but for a promising middle class sector as well.  Formerly known as a low cost housing called Homesite, the place became a developing communal for scholarly youths and their counterparts in the delinquency department.  From their ranks would rise the geniuses in the Academe and the worst offenders in the annals of the criminal justice system.

I still could vividly recall then that there was still a paper bill for 5 centavos!

five peso bill

That seeing a peso then was almost having a glimpse of privilege already!

one peso bill

  That  softdrinks meant Cosmos and A & W Rootbeer.

cosmos and aw

Games we played border on the physical and a bit mental.  We loved to be athletes no matter how slight and delicate our physique.

We only have a few choices of icons then .  Most of us idolized our parents and those kids in the neighborhoods who have excelled in their respective crafts.  We all wanted to win in anything competitive.  We loved winners but also we ardently sympathized the losers.

children play 2

We were back then suckers for music.  We loved music coming from abroad because of the accompanying instruments.  But of course we also loved to sing and imitate great singers.  Dancing was also second nature if one sings.

We were great fans of local talents, the Elvis Presley of the Philippines, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra,  James Dean, Marlon Brando, etc.

filipino music

Our food and preferences were so limited but it gave us the nutrition we need to face reality.  We loved everything Chinese too—taho, litson, champoy, pansit, kiamoy, mami.  Nothing however can beat the usual fare on our table, the kangkong, saluyot, diningding, pinakbet, kare, luglog, tinapa, tapa, tahong, tulya, adobo and the best seller, the classic tuyo and kamatis over sinangag with pulang itlog.

For every province, there is also the specialty of the house.  In Quezon, there is the legendary Lukban longanisa.  In Samar, the delicious Puting Keso.  In Pampangga, the tapang baka; in Palawan, tapang baboy damo and lamayo; in Bicol, Bicol Express and Laing; in Ilocos, bagnet; in Laguna, Espasol and Buko Pie; in Bulacan, adobo and pancit malabon; etc.

filipino food 2

Oh what a great period then, something which I could not express and impress on my children for them to appreciate it too.  They have been born at the time when technology is already rearing its head.  When not only “state of the art” but “cutting edge” technology has defined the meaning of life for them.  Suddenly philosophy and religion became common place.  Suddenly, discipline and morals were terms that became alien to the practical mind.

Food and games have multiplied a hundred fold and a variety of choices would make a person instantly and on the verge of being almost confused for life!

The depth of one’s capability has been rendered shallow by the very foundation of nano technology.  A chip no bigger than a thumb could accommodate terrabytes of data or something like a room full of books from ground to ceiling.  There are a lot of apps which can duplicate the skill or gift of a talented person.

Man’s role has virtually been reduced to emotions.  Technology has taken over his objective function. Man at his best  can do only two things which technology has as yet to attain.  Man can still laugh and cry.

Humanity has evolved into an ordinary bystander of science, an object which in the near future, can be replaced if not made immortal.



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