art 46 book cover sketches

For a while, I would just settle in some kind of a corner where thoughts and sketches rule, coming as it were from ideas that predominate the times no matter how unrealistic it may seem.  It’s the world of caricature.

ART 17 sketch office

…and this is where I conduct my regular cartoon activities which resulted in the following:

art 34 cartoon strip mag ama

art 36 cartoon strip pinggan

art 37 cartoon strip prisoner

art 38 cartoon strip congestion

art 39 cartoon strip heaven

art 40 cartoon strip SAF

ART 43 cartoon strip bangungot

art 70 sanlibo


art 72 ven oca A

art 76 lasang gas

art 77 baha

ART 16 vjt bw


art 75 isis

art 82 kwek kwek

ART 22 smoker

Effective January, 2017  I stopped smoking.  It took me four months to determine if my decision to stop was permanent.  And precisely because my cough has not ceased disturbing my concentration in arts and literature, even in my reading sessions and contemplation, I readily gave up smoking.  And voila!  my cough stopped too.

ART 25 bird


ART 23 chaplin

A copied caricature version of Charlie Chaplain, my Tatay’s favorite actor.

ART 26 slum

ART 28 reader

ART 29 mike

Commissioned artwork by Mike Marasigan, a topnotch journalist and media organizer.

ART 4 will and jaonie

HOLY COUPLE, Will and Joanie Feurstein, prison volunteers.

ART 11 abs

ART 14 escopa

ART 12 icecream

ART 13 vjt pencil

After retirement, I have to reinvent myself into someone I wished before to be—a craftsman.

art 33 rudy d sketch

Rodolfo Diamante, Executive Director, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Prisoners Welfare.  He recently retired but was taken in as volunteer consultant of CBCP.  His exposure in prison volunteer program extended further since the late 70s at the National Penitentiary.

art 35 pareng Ely sketch

Ely Cirujales, Letran alumnus,formerly an administrative staff of Letran Alumni Association, spent a great part of his career in the Middle East.  After years as OFW, he retired as an accomplished administrator of a private firm and returned back to his home province in Albay, Bicol Region.

ART 6 auditor

Romy Limarag, former Bucor Auditor—a commissioned artwork.

dan bassig


Daniel Bassig, a classmate in Letran College.  After graduation, he applied and was employed as US Navy serviceman.  Just like me, he is also a retiree but has chosen USA as his permanent residence.

oca carreon sketch

Oscar Carreon, my elementary classmate, retired as a marketing man in a private firm and stayed with his family in Cainta, Rizal.  He was raised in Molave, Project 3, Quezon City and eventually transferred to his present residence.  He is one of my two active  boy elementary classmate in Facebook.

vjt sketch irregular lines


ART 10 retirement home

My retirement home in Panabo City.

ART 27 cock

art 31 cartoons

art 32 cartoons 2

ART 5 tapet

Commissioned artwork.


art 47 digong sculpture

I also dabble in portrait sculpture.  I could a subject in two hours only to discover that in USA, portrait busts are done through laser technology and in minutes!  My interest waned.

art 48 manong jimmy


art 61 b manong jimmy

art 49 doc penson

Doc Celing.  His biographical sketch is published under “Dr. Cecilio Penson”  at

art 50 jv sketch

Jose Maria (Joel V) Villanueva, former DENR Asec during Cory Aquino administration, my former Peso-a-Year consultant when I was still active in the Prison service.  He taught me the rudiments of using the computer in the mid 90s.  His biographical sketch is published under “Joel Villanueva” at

art 53 bw drawing vjt

art 54 australian wookcock

Christopher Woolcock, a renowned Australian artist who organized an Arts Workshop in New Bilibid Prison as part of his prison volunteer crusade.  His toy horse is a standout among the rich sector of his town in Australia.

art 55 chairman abs

ABS is Anthony B. Sasin, presently Chairman of Anflocor,the mother firm that includes several companies like Tadeco and Damosa.

art 56 shoreline

art 60 vjt irregular lines logo

art 62 mj art

MJ Maranion, travel writer, gave my cyberspace work a domain of its own:

art 63 mother and child

art 64 qes group

art 66 pareng oca rambo

art 65 jimmy uy


art 67 pangmang

Commissioned artwork.

art 69 doc benny

Dr. Benevito Fontanilla is a medical officer of the Bureau of Corrections.  He is also one of Metro Manila’s topnotch Anesthesiologist.


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