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A person is penalized for abusing his freedom by committing acts inimical to public safety, commerce, peace and public safety.  His rights curtailed and he is made to suffer the pain of segregation for years until such time that he laments and realizes that the crime he committed does not commiserate with what he has to undergo in the process.

But there is a catch.  He must suffer from the separation with the free society but not suffer during separation.  In detention centers, in jails and prisons, the person is met in a karmic fashion the same crime he committed against society, this time however is committed against himself.  If this does not make him perish, it would surely make him more blatant, wiser, stronger if he passes through once he rejoins the mainstream after a period of reinforced learning in the art of impunity.

It is not surprising to note that once a person has undergone a period in a corrective facility, he becomes more intense, more determined, more hostile and more barbaric.  Check on the records of those who have committed heinous crimes.  They have undergone additional courses while serving time in the course of their varied exposures.

My point is not so much on how to deal with crime in the law enforcement fashion but to analyze how those who went through crime are eventually exposed to a condition that is akin to a state of criminality.  An environment of depravity, of want, of hostility, of distrust, of coercion, of instability, of disrespect carries everything that breeds crime.  This is precisely what a detention facility is all about.  It is a place where criminals are immersed, a place, which is also a ground for abuse, maltreatment and exploitation.  This is one insight which prison administrators should take note.


There was this school of thought that would explain why the country despite its registered and recorded high economic marks from global banks has never translated said better grade into a better quality of life for its people.  The economic graces it has attained have not cascaded down to grassroots.  Ask anyone on the street if life has become better for them and the response would be in the negative.

That which should have reduced poverty which has already achieved criminal proportion instead of flowing down on the masses got stuck inside the pockets of government officials (read:  Congressmen and Senators) if what is there in the news on the PDAF controversy will be believed.

What is even more pitiful are those languishing in jails and prisons for committing thievery of paultry sums and those leading the good life despite the thievery they have committed in billions and more.  Something is wrong somewhere and hopefully, this would be remedied.

At times, rebels could not be blamed if in the course of submitting reforms they are themselves sent to the reformatories.

There should be some changes to elevate humanity to where it should be.



crime wave

Robbers no longer prey upon the valuables of the people; they are even more predisposed in terminating their victims after the heist.  A Frenchman was waiting for taxi one morning when his clutch bag was snatched.  The 68 year old tried to fend off but was shot several times.  Where are these criminals coming from?


 A text message is circulating in Bacolod as a counter move against churchmen in the province.  It came as a response when the High Court upheld the right of the church to display their tarpaulin on Team Buhay/ Team Patay crusade.  Now, here comes a Team Tatay—where names of clerics actively celebrating Mass and at the same time maintaining also a family, a no-no in a religious, almost monastic life for a Catholic priest.  Some kind of a karmic spoiler.  Tit for tat.


 Several countries like Australia, China, Britain and US have issued warnings to their citizens not to visit southern Philippines lest they be kidnapped and violated.  This came about during the standoff in Sabah and other criminal incidents in the past.  While the Philippines has improved its standing on tourism and aviation industry, there is always the unfortunate iniquitous challenge posed by crooks.  One cannot but entertain the thought that there is wisdom in vigilantism.


 A cum laude working student was held up while commuting and was eventually shot dead.  Gone were the days when robbers and killers were a different breed.  Now they are the same.  Street predators no longer respect life and property.  It is prey for them already.  There should be some kind of social cleansing, a biological warfare to resolve this nagging and unfortunate threat in public safety.  Human rights should be shelved at the moment.


 A cab driver working on night shift was gunned down by its passenger at dawn in Sampaloc, Manila.  First, there was a foreigner, then a student.  Earlier, politicians were endangered with the forthcoming electoral exercise.  Indeed, there is a crime wave already manifesting in some parts of the country.  Lawbreakers are emboldened whenever there is a situation where people are virtually disarmed and almost helpless to fight back.


 AT A GLANCE:  Filipinos wanted Sabah under Philippine government.  Filipinos in Sabah say yes but their currency should be in Ringgit!  There is a secret to growing hair faster although it is more common sense.  Accordingly, neither oil and chemical application nor spa can do it, only scalp massage says a skin specialist.  Beauty products contain skin irritants, chemicals that hasten wrinkles and worst, acting as carcinogens.  Be contented with the application of ripe papaya, egg yolk and coconut oil if you intend to protect your skin.  Go green as the saying goes.


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